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So, what do we really mean by a "relaxed practice"? It means that, while we are deadly serious about helping you, our client, to a happier, more productive, and actualized way of living, we are equally committed not to take our selves and our role in your life more seriously than is warranted. We have have a set of skills that we have found are helpful to a lot of people, but we try to remember that we are but fallible people. We know what we are doing but we recognize that sometimes another prfessional may be better for some clients than we are. So, we refer, knowing that our real mission is to help others to more authenticity, better choices, and more joy in their emotional lives. If referral looks like the best, most economical, and most efficient path to that end, we rejoice at the opportunity to give you that. Call us what you will, as we don't stand on protocol or demand as some professionals do the epithet "doctor." It's your call, so call us what works best for you in getting the most from our work together. That said, we are a bit stodgy about boundaries (as morally and ethically we should be). We can't be your "besty" but we can be your companionable and professional colleague in helping you to choose a more fulfilling path.

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