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Steve is our primary assessment guy (though Dr. Linda also has a wide range of experiences with this aspect of psychological practice as well). Sometimes, we retain the services of well-trained and competent psychometricians to complete parts of the assessment procedures. Ultimately, however, Steve will be responsible for the final answers to your referral questions and the report you will receive.

We believe that, in conducting a psychological assessment, our task is to use the best evidence-based procedures available to answer the "referral question." That question is, by definition, what the client or guardian wants to know about the client's psychological functioning. Such questions are usually about some diagnosis the client might warrant, such as:

"Is this client depressed?"

"Does she have ADHD?"

"Is this psychosis?"

"Is this dyslexia?"

"Is this an autism spectrum disorder?"

"Does this client show neuropsychogical evidence of a traumatic brain injury?"

"Is this client suicidal?"

"Does this person show psychological difficulties that might interfere with the ability to parent small children?"

And many, many more.

We see our job in such assessments as to answer the referral questions as directly and with as much scientific precision as possible. We always take into consideration the observational history provided by the client or guardian, and yet, we answer referral questions as completely as possible using scientifically validated procedures.

Sometimes the answers to referral questions are not at all what the client or guardian anticipated hearing. Such a circumstance can be uncomfortable, but you must remember that what we are offering here is no more than to answer your questions. We cannot guarantee the answers.

At the close of an assessment, we will provide a feedback session along with a comprehensive written report of our findings. As needs be, at that point, we may work with the client or guardian to expand our assessment using additional procedures. When that happens, we may have to expand our inferences and add to our report of findings. No addional charge is added when this happens.

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